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Common questions and answers
What is Bento?
Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japan

What do I get in my Bento (box)?
That will be about 5 to 6 items. Collectibles toy, anime toy, weird candies, capsule toy, stationary, anything else about Japanese pop culture items.

Where does Betoyo Bento ship to?
Almost everywhere. We have no extra charge to US, UK, European Union, Canada, Australia. For the rest of the world. Please send us an email so we can check the prices first.

what about an PayPal subscriber?

PayPal subscribe is still going. but it goes with old price tag. we also sending coupon code by email to old customers to encourage to rejoin.

Any Discount?
By the new system. coupon code is possible. check our facebook to get the latest coupon code for discount.

Why Betoyo Bento charge shipping fee now?

it is because it make the cost of our box cheaper.

How about shipping to Canada?

still USD$5

And UK?


and anyone in the world?

every one is USD$5 for shipping. it mean Betoyo Bento officially USD$32 now.

USD$28 is too expensive.

It is because the cost of Betoyo Bento mosty goes to oversea shipping. And our collections are really unique outside Japan. It totally worth it.

I subscribe Betoyo bento before. do I have special offer?

yes. if you are previous customers. check your email. I should sent you the coupon code to encourage you to use our "new system".

Betoyo Bento looks girly.

yes we are.